the pilates body program

A virtual Pilates & nutrition program that will transform your body in just 6 weeks.

I’m a Pilates trainer & wellness coach who works with women on a daily basis and transform their bodies through a Pilates & nutrition program that works WITH their lifestyle, not against it.

I created The Pilates Body Program as a solution for those of you who are tired of starting and stopping diets, exercising without results and overcommitting to plans that require too much time for your busy lifestyle.

This online program provides significant results in a minimal amount of time without deprivation, starvation or hours of cardio.

I know how busy you are and I know how hard it is to stick to a generic diet & exercise program without any support.

That is precisely why I created The Pilates Body Program. Watch this video to hear more…

Wouldn’t it feel good to slip into your clothes feeling slim, strong & confident?

The Pilates Body Program was created specifically for those of you that…

  • are tired of carrying excess weight and squeezing into your clothes.
  • have tried and failed at losing weight¬†or following through with an exercise program.
  • are tired of not being comfortable in your own skin.
  • are busy/over-committed¬†and don’t have time to spend hours at the gym.
  • are concerned about your health, metabolism, and energy levels.
  • don’t want to fuss with counting calories.
  • are overwhelmed by the amount of “healthy” advice out there and just want to be told exactly what to do to look & feel your best.


If you can relate to any of these statements, then this program would be a perfect fit for you.

In just 6 weeks you can expect to…

lose weight without using deprivation, starvation or supplements.

form new habits so that you continue to see results even after the 6 weeks are complete.
feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin so that you can wear what you want to wear without feeling insecure.

increase your core strength for a smaller waist and healthier back.

increase muscle tone in your entire body so that you feel tighter and slimmer all over.

reduce stress and body tension so that you experience fewer aches and pains.

increase your energy levels so that you can make it through the day without an afternoon crash.

reduce inflammation, improve digestion and overall health so that you decrease your risk for disease & sickness.

acquire all the tools you need to create a balanced, healthy vibrant life so that you can look & feel your best.

The Pilates Body Program is a comprehensive food and exercise plan that will tell you exactly HOW to exercise and exactly WHAT to eat to transform your body and health.

Now, before we get too far, I want to make sure you know what this program is NOT. This program is NOT…

  • a restrictive cleanse (yes, coffee can stay)
  • a temporary diet that you’ll only do for 6 weeks and then return to your old ways (this is a lifestyle plan)
  • an overwhelming exercise program that will leave you feeling burnt out (you’ll only workout 4x per week for 40 min – no cardio required!)
  • something you’ll start and stop because you don’t have the will power to complete (I’ll be checking in with you regularly)

“Since completing the Pilates Body Program, I feel better about myself, and better in my skin. Aside from the satisfaction of losing 14 lbs, I feel more healthy, I have more energy and feel more confident. The program has equipped me with lots of nourishing, easy-to-make recipes and snack ideas, and given me the confidence to take the concepts of the meal plans and make up new recipes.I love having the Pilates videos, they have helped me to fit regular exercise into my schedule and I continue use them even now I have started full-time work and have much less time!

I am now slimmer, stronger and more flexible in my body, many friends have commented on how slim and healthy I‚Äôm looking now. The heavy, bloated feeling I used to have after almost every meal is now a distant memory, and I feel generally healthier and have more energy.”- Jasmine

¬†{Click to read¬†Jasmine’s Before & After}

3 key elements of The Pilates Body Program:

The Pilates Program

  • 6 carefully crafted 40 minute Pilates workout videos that you can do from home.
  • Each video provides a full body workout PLUS a unique muscle focus to target specific problem areas.
  • The program is suitable for all levels; modifications will be provided.
  • Every Sunday you will receive a new workout and you will commit do completing it 4x that week.

The Nutrition Plan

  • Created by holistic nutrition consultant Drew Parisi, this practical and easy to follow meal plan is made up of whole, nourishing, seasonal foods with strategically balanced protein/fat/carbohydrate ratio to support your Pilates training, reduce inflammation, curb cravings, spur quick weight loss and increase your body’s fat burning potential.
  • The plan is clear, flexible and totally manageable. All the work has been done for you and I will walk you through it step by step.
  • You will receive an arsenal of recipes that you can use throughout the program, along with a weekly meal plan to save you time and energy.

Personalized Coaching and Accountability

  • This is what makes The Pilates Body Program unique. By joining this program you will receive unlimited email access to me, your virtual coach and trainer. Accountability is imperative to your success. I will be with you every step of the way!
  • Throughout the week I’ll send you tips, advice & encouragement to ensure your success.
  • Weekly “weigh-in” accountability (of course, only if your goal is to lose weight!)
  • Goal setting strategies and support.
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other women to connect with for ideas and encouragement.
  • You can choose to interact with me as much or as little you want. It’s 100% optional and up to you.¬†My goal is to help you, empower you and encourage you, NOT to make you feel guilty!


‚ÄúI saw results SO fast. I was surprised at how quickly my body responded to such simple changes. I’m much more toned in my abs, back and arms, my pants fit better and I love what I see in the mirror (that’s priceless). I loved the constant and available communication Robin provided. I never felt like I was inconveniencing her with my questions and updates. I had full access to Robin which is really hard to find in an exercise program. You WILL see results. I haven’t seen results with any exercise program in the past so I was skeptical would actually respond to this. I was surprised to see my body change within the first week! This program helped me build sturdy, long-standing habits that I can stick to. I know how to eat and how to exercise to change my body and there is freedom in that. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone.‚ÄĚ -Catherine V.


In person, this type of program would be a substantial investment:

  • 6+ Pilates DVD’s = $120.00
  • A customizable diet plan from a certified nutritionist = $100.00+
  • Unlimited access to a trainer for advice, coaching & personalization = $300+/week for 6 weeks

In person, a 6 week program like this would cost you around $2,000.00+.

But  I want YOU to be able to experience the benefits of Pilates and personalized coaching.

You shouldn’t have to miss out due to your busy schedule, location or budget limitations.

You deserve an opportunity to look and feel your best so I’ve kept the program super affordable. You can join now for just $297.

NOTE: The program is currently in session. To receive an email before the next online challenge is announced please sign up here: The Balanced Life Newsletter.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you start the program and decide that it’s not right for you, I will refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.